Application Control

Know what's running and understand how to keep your application up-to-date.

Let’s face it … most organizations have no idea what is all on their network, which means you can't control applications you don't know about. Furthermore, it’s difficult to keep up-to-date on every patch that must be applied, because you’re managing a seemingly never-ending collection of hardware and software.

Unfortunately for you, attackers focus on these vulnerabilities because applications provide targets and patches provide protection against known issues. An attacker is keenly aware of this continual struggle for network administrators and if they can find a system that is missing patches, they know they've struck gold.

The wrong way to control applications and manage patches:

"As long we review patches on a monthly basis, we’re protected against outside threats targeting our applications." 

The smarter way to control applications and manage patches:

Attackers have become so skilled at writing malware, they can deploy a new threat within hours of a flaw being announced. Application control requires you to first reduce the number of potential targets and then to keep them updated through rapid response and dedicated coverage. With a strong application control strategy, your control will be tighter and your patching will be streamlined and swift. 

How we approach application control

Complete coverage for your entire network
Adopting an organization-wide strategy on what operating systems, browsers and applications are company-approved will assist you in mapping out an application management strategy. Your patch management system must also include the ability to perform a network-wide discovery to find new systems or old systems that may have reappeared on the network. One uncontrolled application on one system within your network is a point of entry for a dedicated attacker.

Quick and agile wins the race
Attackers are always searching for the tortoise … the network administrator who may be steady, but is consistently slow to patch systems. To properly protect your organization, you must apply patches network-wide as they become available. Identify an application management solution that makes it easy to manage all workstations, servers and mobile devices on your network, while removing the target from your back.

Timing is everything
When it comes to removing applications and managing patches, nothing is more important than timing. When are patches announced? What times can I reboot systems? There is simply no way to keep on top of every application within your network on your own, so it’s wise to invest in technology. A good management system streamlines this process, so you can focus on other issues.

The technology in our toolbox