Network Threats

Regain control of all levels of network traffic.

A traditional firewall simply permits and denies specific connections. This is insufficient protection against modern attacks. In fact, of the breaches you hear about on the news, most systems were protected by a traditional firewall. As attacks mature and grow in complexity, your network defenses should as well.

Modern attackers focus on the traffic you allow and exploit the rules you put in order to do business. They will attack anything and everything that appears vulnerable … databases via web servers, employees through their email clients and the rest of your network by leveraging any compromised system they can get their hands on.

The wrong way to protect against network threats:

"We purchased a firewall, plugged it in and it keeps out the bad guys."

The smarter way to protect against network threats:

A good firewall is a start, but a network security strategy needs more depth. Protecting your organization requires you to regain control of network traffic at several levels, drastically narrowing the range of attacks that are possible.

How we approach network threats

Invest in a performance-enhanced firewall
In contrast to a classic firewall, we offer more modern solutions like Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances that perform deeper inspections. The increased attention to detail these products provide can identify more subtle attacks and compare them to established attack patterns as well as normal network traffic, allowing you to block attackers more effectively.

Adopt a strategy that supports your mobile workforce
Remote connectivity and wireless technology can be a real drag for an administrator looking to keep his or her network secure. With “work from anywhere” becoming common, an employee’s need to access internal resources from the outside is increasing at the same time support personnel have to do more with less. Our network solutions will help you manage the distributed workplace cost-effectively.

Improve your bandwidth without slowing down
External attackers are constantly probing your internet connections for weaknesses, while internal users simultaneously consume bandwidth for numerous activities. As these both increase, the performance of your connection starts to become lackluster. With a better network solution, you can block attacks quickly and prioritize internal resource utilization to maximize the use of existing internet lines.

Simplicity versus complexity
A web application often involves a server, database and many libraries and modules that all work together. However, the more complex a system becomes, the more difficult it is to secure. With the increase of web-based attacks, it is essential to protect your web applications with something capable of monitoring and blocking web-specific intrusions that is also easy for you to manage.

The technology in our toolbox