Security Assistance

Swamped at the office or need a helping hand with a difficult security project? We're ready to join your team.

Security tasks are often hard to prioritize ... plain and simple. With your workforce becoming increasingly mobile, social media playing a central role in business operations and new applications added to your network daily, it's no wonder you have your hands full! Wouldn't it be nice to have a security ace up your sleeve to throw at your most complex security issues?

With RJS Smart Security's assistance program, we offer our experience and guidance to you as a member of your team. With a retained assistance contract, an RJS consultant serves, as needed, as project manager, coach and engineer to complete tasks and improve security. Most assistance engagements consist of a relatively low number of monthly hours. However, if a full-time resource is needed, this may also be provided. 

Types of security assistance we offer

  • HIPAA Assistance
    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be a confusing set of rules for employers and employees alike. RJS can assist you in understanding what you must do to comply with the law, but also how you can leverage compliance to solve business problems elsewhere in your environment. We can help you become compliant and then, provide security training to keep you there.
  • PCI Assistance
    If you process credit card payments, you are required to adhere to the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) Data Security Standards for infrastructure and applications. With assistance from RJS, we help guide you towards a more compliant environment, improve your internal processes and help you fill out your yearly Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). 
  • Compliance Assistance
    Healthcare and finance aren't the only industries with complex rules and regulations. Regardless of your line of work, your organization has security standards it must adhere to. RJS Smart Security has a firm grasp of unique areas of legislation that may affect your company and can assist you in complying with all data protection laws that pertain to your business.
  • Implementation Assistance
    Due to the complexity of security technologies, it is common for customers to purchase a product, partially implement it and then stop. This tendency results in an increasing level of risk and a general belief that the risk is significantly lower than it actually is. Implementation assistance involves an RJS engineer working with you to identify your needs and maximize the success of your project. All implementation assistance engagements involve three phases - initial preparation, initial implementation and fine-tuning. 
  • Project Management
    With many projects, scope can quickly spiral out of control and timelines are thrown out the window. Wouldn't it be great if you could bring in a security expert with experience solving your exact problem, and who could solve it on time and without burning through your budget? Depending on the standards within your organization, RJS project managers can operate in either the  waterfall or agile methodologies. Project management can also be combined with implementation assistance if you lack the time or internal skill to bring a security project to completion.
  • Training
    Since employees are often the weakest link of any security defense, training is essential. RJS-led training can be in-person or online and classes offered range from general security awareness to specific compliance topics. Personalized company-specific presentations can also be conducted for your business personnel.