Shift the advantage back in your favor with smart malware management.

Remember the good old days when the worst thing malicious software achieved was simply slowing down productivity? Unfortunately, those days are over.

Today’s malware is the most formidable tool in an attacker’s tool belt. Malware can wreak havoc within even the best-protected networks and perform crippling tasks like corporate data theft, hijacking of bank sessions and disabling of security systems. 

The wrong way to protect against malware:

"We purchased a highly-rated software package, installed it and let it run." 

The smarter way to protect against malware:

Protecting your organization requires more than installing software and letting it run. A modern defense against malicious software involves building numerous layers and monitoring them regularly.

How we approach malware

Don’t just detect malware, block malicious behavior
With thousands of new pieces of malware released every day, signature-based detection is doomed to fail. Modern anti-malware systems can identify characteristics or "genes" within malicious software and accurately recognize those viral commonalities when they appear again.

Protect browsers as well as file systems
While performing regular file-based scanning is still important, modern malware often just infects your web browser. It will sit quietly undetected and monitor usernames, passwords and other sensitive data that goes out to the web. Protection against browser-based infection is essential in today’s environment.

Performance is only part of the picture
Many anti-malware solutions compete based on performance. However, viewing performance as the only metric often leads to poorly-selected solutions that do not protect well. Based on what best fits your work environment, we have a selection of solutions that maximize practical protection while minimizing the system performance impact.

Fine-tuning helps you reach better protection, faster
Enterprise software is powerful, but organizations face a problem. If all features are activated, security is maximized, but users resist change and poor configurations can cause outages. If left inactive, however, risk increases and you never reach the level of protection you desire. We fix this dilemma by bundling installation with recurring tuning and health-check appointments.

Adopt a solution that you can effectively manage
No protection will help you if it is too difficult to manage. History is replete with tales of organizations that invest appropriately but are harmed by an operations staff who cut corners. Our solutions provide the right balance of security and ease of use, so you can fully leverage the protection you invest in.

The technology in our toolbox