Security Testing

Drill deep and analyze your business with penetration, compliance and social engineering testing.

Unlike assessments, where the goal is to look for problems, the goal in testing is to go much deeper and perform a more thorough analysis of your business. A test is a formal comparison of your organization to an independent or mutually-agreed upon standard. While penetration testing may be the most recognizable form of testing, RJS Smart Security can also assist organizations looking to achieve optimal PCI or HIPAA fulfillment with compliance testing, as well as social engineering testing for those interested in seeing how an actual attack on their employees might play out. 

RJS follows the emerging Penetration Test Execution Standard (PTES) as the model for non-compliance security testing. For compliance-based security testing, RJS uses the appropriate regulations or standards.

Types of security testing we offer

  • Penetration Testing
    Our penetration testing is extremely thorough and follows the Penetration Test Execution Standard (PTES) as a model. It can also be utilized to examine network vulnerabilities (compared to NIST or CIS benchmarks), web vulnerabilities (per OWASP rules), database vulnerabilities (against best-in-industry standard) or perimeter testing. 
  • HIPAA Testing
    Like the PCI test, a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) test is performed as a compliance audit. We take a magnifying glass to your company's operational standards and data information security practices and compare them to HIPAA's strict rules and regulations.
  • PCI Testing
    Similar to a HIPAA test, a Payment Card Industry (PCI) test is run like a compliance audit. Every item in the set of PCI regulations is verified against your organization's security infrastructure and operations.
  • Social Engineering Testing
    Social engineering is a very different sort of test. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have partnered with the experts at to provide the best social engineering testing in the industry. I guess we can't be the best at everything, right!