Outsourced CISO

Add a power-hitter to your security lineup with an RJS outsourced CIO or CISO.

Most of the time a standard security assistance retainer is a perfect fit for an organization in need of a helping hand. Sometimes, however, you need a more constant presence to help you define strategy and improve success. In these cases, an outsourced CISO or CIO is an excellent service. This offering gives you the ability to combine assessments and the management and execution needed to take your security to the next level.  

Outsourcing a CISO is also great for specific industries that must comply to rigid standards and regulations. Whether you are a retail establishment affected by PCI, a healthcare company protecting patient records via HIPAA, or in the financial space dealing with FDIC and FFIEC audits, adding an experienced "pre-auditor" to your staff who can address any potential security issues can be a huge boost. 

Types of outsourced assistance we offer

  • Outsourced CISO
    For small companies who may not have the resources to employ a security expert, or for projects of immense importance, an outsourced CISO can be an extremely helpful addition to your staff. By bringing in an RJS Smart Security senior security expert into your organization, you can expect high-quality management and instructional guidance for the rest of your team. An outsourced CISO is often useful after an assessment or testing identifies a complex vulnerability. 
  • Industry Expertise
    When we provide our industry expertise on a specific security project, you'll receive dedicated focus toward solving unique issues that affect only your industry. This assistance often includes a mixture of penetration testing, compliance and vulnerability assessments. Our expertise covers many industries, but we find it especially helpful for those working in the healthcare and financial industries.