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Our philosophy on buying security software: make better use of what you already have, before investing in expensive security projects

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RJS Smart Security can help secure your documents and data from cyber crime, data loss and internal threats, so you can rest easy knowing critical information and business systems are safe. By utilizing our lean security strategy approach to investing in security solutions, you can build yourself an integrated defense that protects you against network vulnerabilities, web attacks, malware, application control missteps, loss of data and breaches of trust.

Make better use of what you already have

Before you invest in yet another expensive security project, fine-tune the security products you have in place. Are your defense systems fully-patched? Have you turned on all the necessary bells and whistles that came with your original product?

With no cost necessary, optimize your security environment with the products you currently own. Rid yourself of unused legacy systems, explore open source solutions and adjust your current lines of defense. By using what you have and improving internal operations, your organization can mature to a point where your next product purchase fills the few remaining holes your current defenses don’t quite reach.

A smart investment for smart growth

Once your internal operations are working well and you are effectively using what you have, it's time to grow. But before you purchase another layer of protection, first identify what really matters to your business and create goals you can measure to see if your next project will indeed be a success.

Begin by running tests with free trials and open source technologies to ensure the next project accelerates response time and improves your team’s learning speed. Plan, but plan lightly to avoid analysis paralysis. Once you clearly understand the problem and the technology that can alleviate your concerns, invest smartly.


What's the best way to pick the right security solution for your company? Let us help.

Our lean security review will show you where a new solution might be needed and how to best use what you already have.